Palmer House

Renovating and Restoring Our 1880 Folk Victorian

This is going to be a very short post, but hopefully it will be the first of many in the coming weeks!

We finally have a plan for our main roof! We chose our contractor and signed a contract back in January. He is local, and just completed a MAJOR, historically correct roofing job down the street from us. He has worked on old homes for the majority of his career, and felt very confident that he could fix our roof without having to tear the whole side off.

I heard from him yesterday, and he is planning on getting the building permits this week and starting work next week! He estimates that this job should only take about a week, provided the weather here in Upstate New York stays dry. After this job, the next task will be to be tackle a different portion of roof at the back of the house. That job will probably happen closer to the end of the summer, and will be much more involved as we will have to take that entire roof off, down to the studs. We also anticipate finding mold and rot issues, as this roof has evidence of leaking that has been going on a lot longer than we have been in the house! After that, we can finally start work on the nursery and main upstairs bathroom. *sigh*. I need to win the lottery.

In the meantime, now that this semester of school is over, I should be able to be more active on the blog and on the Instagram account (@palmerhouseonline). Our small sitting room/bedroom is going to become a temporary nursery until we can get that back bedroom done.

It’s going to be awhile…

But we love our home and we are willing to wait in order to have something we will adore for the rest of our lives that will be historically sympathetic to this old girl who has had much of her historical features stripped away over the years. I hope you will all continue to stay tuned!

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