Palmer House

Renovating and Restoring Our 1880 Folk Victorian

When we walked into Palmer House for the first time, the first thing I noticed were the original 2″ maple floors…that led right into the most amazing dining room with the most stunning built-in hutch I had ever seen. Here is the picture of the room from the listing:

2016 Palmer House Listing 11

2016 Palmer House Listing 12

2016 Palmer House Listing 13

2016 Palmer House Listing 14

Beautiful room, isn’t it? The only problem I had with the room, was the yellow on the top half of the room. It wasn’t a bad yellow, but it was very yellow, and I didn’t like it with the grey bottom.

However, after the debacle with the paint color in the bedroom, I learned that I am NOT good with paint! So instead of trying to choose one specific color myself, I thought it would be fun to narrow down the choice to three separate colors, and allow my thirty or so guests at my housewarming party to choose for me!

I went to Lowes, and picked out several shades of white and cream. I narrowed it down to three different colors from the National Historic Trust palette and taped them on our gallery wall that held our wedding photos. Below that, I placed a bowl and pieces of scrap paper with pens and asked everyone to vote for their favorite color. It was a good game! Everyone enjoyed it knowing that they would have a hand choosing a color in my new home, and it was a really fun way for me to figure out which color was the popular opinion! In the end, the choice was Montgomery White from Benjamin Moore.

The best part about this paint job? It was only half the room. My father was kind enough to lightly buff the walls for me while he was over at the house doing another job. That night, I had the walls primed and ready for two coats of paint the next day. The result was even better than I could have imagined!





It is by far the most “modern” color combination I have in the house. Grey is a very “in” color right now, and it was NOT a color found in Victorian households, even a “blue-collar” household like this on was (History on the house coming soon!). Victorian houses were FULL of jewel-tones colors and were often covered in wallpaper. Luckily, the wood tones of the hutch and table keep the old soul in this room. I upgraded the outlet and switch covers to a classic egg and dart pattern from House of Antique Hardware, put decorative hinges on the dining room door, and purchased two cast iron cold air returns.




And, Voila! The dining room that a housewarming party made was done! It’s gorgeous. Having Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners in this room is amazing. We lay out all of the food on the hutch and spend a long time talking, eating, and laughing together. Little did I know that this wasn’t going to be the end of the renovations in this room, and boy, was I in for a nightmare!

Stay tuned…

“Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31




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